Blue end of the Rainbow fountain pen

This variation of the African Miyuki Magic fountain pen features beads on the blue end, aka the ABC end, of the rainbow: Amethyst, Bondi Blue to Cyan. There also some beads on the violet-purple-blurple end of the spectrum, not to mention some cerise and burgundy. All of them silver-lined and therefore all sparkly.

The glass beads are Miyuki Delicas, made in Japan and prized by the beading community for their uniformity in size and the intensity of their colours. Each bead is tiny – about one-fifth the length of a grain of rice (uncooked!). They are embedded in clear resin, so the outside of the pen is completely smooth, and are accompanied by a few trapped air bubbles that add to the sparkly effect..

The pen body is made of a shimmery violet-magenta resin that shifts colour slightly in sunlight. The shape is cylindrical with the cap fractionally wider than the barrel. The ends are very slightly rounded and the grip section can be made to fit a Jowo #6 or Bock #6 nib (supplied).



African Miyuki Magic with beading on the cap and barrel.


An in-house pour of shimmery violet-magenta resin polished to a high sheen. Miyuki Delica beads.


Jowo #6 in polished steel, or Bock #6 in polished steel or bicolour (polished steel and gold-plate). Please select Fine, Medium or Broad in the check-out. (Also, please message me if you need an Extra Fine or a BB.)

Refill type:

Standard international fountain pen converter (supplied) or ink cartridge.


Total length (closed): 146 mm (5,7″). Length (pen only, no cap): 135 mm (5,3″). Diameter at widest point (excl. cap): 16,4 mm (0,65″). Length of section: 30 mm (1,2 “). Diameter of grip section at narrowest point: 10,8 mm (0,42“). Cap thread: 14mm (0,55″).



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