[SOLD] Faerie Dustup : The Whitney Model

So if faeries were to have a tiff in the feywild, and a stray spell resulted in a fountain pen, it might look like this. I’m ticked by the idea of faeries having a squabble, one offering to b**ch-slap the other only to get her nose powder-puffed; retaliation inflicted with a glitter bomb. Faerie dust everywhere. It’s like Walt Disney gets to play Dungeons & Dragons with Tarantino giving gratutious advice.


Model: The Whitney

Material: Faerie Dustup

Nib: Bock #6. Please select Fine, Medium or Broad in the check-out. Polished steel and bi-color (i.e. steel & gold) should both be available, though we are running short of some nibs and need to re-order. (Please DM me if you need an Extra Fine.)

Refill type: Standard international fountain pen converter (supplied) or ink cartridge.

Dimensions: Total length (closed): 147 mm (5,8″). Length (pen only, no cap): 137 mm (5.5″). Diameter at widest point (excl. cap): 15,7 mm (0.62″). Width of section at narrowest point: 12 mm (0,46″). Section length: 25mm (0,98″). Cap thread: 14 mm (0.55″).


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International shipping is via a courier or express postage with a tracking number and should take around 10 – 20 working days. Pens are securely packed and insured.

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