Unique fountain pens: Matching pair of olive wood pens

These two fountain pens – similar though not identical – can be bought singly or as a matching pair. They are made of a combination of wild olive, which is indigenous to South Africa, and an espresso-coloured resin flecked with sparkles. Both come with Bock #6 nibs, in Fine, Medium or Broad and in Bicolour (Gold & steel) or Polished steel.

Wild olive wood is one of our favourites due to its magnificent, random patterning. It is also known as “steel wood” and a piece this old is virtually impossible to turn on a wood lathe and can only be shaped on a metal lathe (ask us how we know …). Normally a cracked and charred piece like this one would have been discarded or used as firewood, but these same fissures and scars allowed the resin to penetrate deep into the core and reveal the wood’s hidden beauty. The term “chatoyance” (i.e. the lustre that changes depending on the angle of the light) could have been invented to describe the effect of looking into this wood.

Wild olive is a remarkable tree: baboons and birds love the fruit which are miniature black olives; the trees tolerate drought and those that are destroyed during wild fires reshoot from the buried roots. In the old days, ink was made from the trees’ dark fruit, and straight branches were popular as insect-proof fence posts that could last a century.

The sections on these pens are made in a rich burgundy (which is more of an oxblood colour than the fire engine red that the photos depict, no matter how hard I try to get them right). One section has a slightly narrowed, or nipped, “waist” and the other with a similarly nipped waist as well as a rounded lip. (It sounds like the pen version of Angelina Jolie!) Though they can be bought individually, we think the two pens would be happy being homed together. (If you do buy them both, please message us with your preferred nib material and nib width(s). You will see the options in the pull-down menus. Thanks!)


Within South Africa, we offer a flat rate of R125 for couriering smaller items.

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