New model: Octaplume

We are delighted to launch our new model: Octaplume. a handcrafted 8-faceted fountain pen with rounded ends, a compact feel, and lovely balance.

We can make this model in a variety of materials. Here it is shown in Black Tie Affair, Scintilla and Breaking Wave:


Black Tie Affair

It is for good reason that gold and black are a classic combination that never ages. This pen would be at home at any affair where Black Tie is the dress code, whether it be The Met Gala, a Royal wedding, or a place at the captain’s table. It is even rumoured to be a possible replacement for the Oscar at the Academy Awards as it is more beautiful and much more practical than the current statuette.


According to, scintilla, is a spark or glittering speck and is associated with the Latin scintillare “to sparkle, glitter, gleam, or flash”, and is in turn is the origin of the modern word scintillate. (I just love going down definition rabbit holes.) So while we are down here, to scintillate means to emit brief sparks or flashes, but can also refer to sparkling intellectually; to being brilliant and witty. This pretty much sums up the people we have met in the fountain pen community, so the new Scintilla pen fits right in.

The colours graduate from ruby to midnight purple to emerald and the grip section is in a sea-glass green with turquoise shimmers that can be seen when the light catches it at certain angles.

Crashing Wave

The name comes from a memorable snorkelling experience after a champagne breakfast that involved too much champagne and not enough breakfast. The colours were spectacular though.


Model: Octaplume


  • Black Tie Affair
  • Scintilla in deep ruby, violet and emerald
  • Crashing Wave in turquoise, white and purple
  • Custom requests also welcome

Nib: These pens can be made to fit a Bock #6 or a Jowo #6, though we would recommend a Jowo as it requires a slightly slimmer ink feed, which suits the very slim grip section. Please select Fine, Medium or Broad in the check-out.  (Please DM me if you need an Extra Fine or a BB.)

Refill type: Standard international fountain pen converter (supplied) or ink cartridge.

Dimensions: Total length (closed): 132 mm (5.2″). Length (pen only, no cap): 126 mm (5″). Diameter at widest point (excl. cap): 15,5 mm (0.6″). Diameter of section at narrowest point: 10,8 mm (0,43 “).  Cap thread: 13 mm (0.5″). Section thread: 10 mm (0.4″).


Within South Africa, we offer a flat rate of R125 for couriering smaller items.

International shipping is via a courier or express postage with a tracking number and should take around 10 – 20 working days. Pens are securely packed and insured.

Please use the checkout to see the shipping cost for your location.