[SOLD] Passion Flower

An exotic flower to match an equally exotic pen. We have two types of passion flower in our garden (apparently there are about 550 species), and only one pen so far, however we think this material is so gorgeous, we are going to try making it again.

This featherweight fountain pen is delicate and long (165 mm/ 6.3″) and tips the scale at a mere 18g (0,6 oz). The section is made from tiny piece of material from the Storm on Venus pen that we had left over.

When I began writing this, I started out by saying the term “passion” had only religious significance (i.e. the pain and suffering of Christ on the cross) and did not imply that this flower represented the other kind of passion. How wrong I was. I had no idea that this flower has evoked so many apparently conflicting and multi-layered mythologies over the centuries, dating back to Aztec days, its adoption by the Catholic religion as a symbol of Christ’s crucifixion, to representing gay love to some in the Americas and Japan. While I can understand that the five sepals and five petals can be seen to represent the Apostles (excluding Judas and Peter); the three pistils signifying the nails; the five stamens the number of wounds, and the filaments the thorns in the crown; I can also see why such a gloriously camp, lavender flower that carries both male and female parts has been associated with gay passion. How lovely that a flower can symbolise both!


Nib: Bock #6. Please select Fine, Medium or Broad in the check-out. Polished steel and bi-color (i.e. steel & gold) are both available. (Please DM me if you need an Extra Fine.)

Refill type: Standard international fountain pen converter (supplied) or ink cartridge.

Dimensions: Total length (closed): 165 mm (6.3″). Length (pen only, no cap): 152 mm (6.3″). Diameter at widest point (excl. cap): 13 mm (0.52″). Length of section: 37 mm (1.46″). Narrowest diameter of section: 9,6 mm (0.36″) Cap thread: 12 mm (0.47″).



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